Unveiling Our Dream Team

The Powerhouse Behind binky

Melany, Olivier and Benjamin, longtime friends have always wanted to get involved in a meaningful project. As parents for two of them, they realized that purchasing childcare equipment could be expensive and that equipment was quickly stored in pristine condition and never used again. It is often difficult to find a use for these items after their initial use.

This is how Binky was born, with the mission of offering a rental service for childcare equipment in the form of a monthly subscription. We strongly believe that reusing and sharing materials can play an important role in building a more sustainable future for our children.

Our scalable subscription service allows parents to choose the items they need for their baby or toddler, safe in the knowledge that these items can be exchanged or returned at any time. So parents can save money while still having access to top quality items throughout their child's development.

At Binky, we believe the future of child care is circular. We are proud to help build a more sustainable world by offering an innovative solution for parents.