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We offer you 3 different subscription plans, characterized by a total number of binkies 🌱.

For you, it's very simple:

1. Choose

the necessary equipment from the catalog. Each item corresponds to a number of 🌱.

The subscription that fits your needs will be automatically calculated and added to your cart.

2. Receive

your equipment and enjoy it!

3. Exchange

your gear to meet your new needs, at no extra cost. 

You can subscribe to a subscription at any time. The products will be automatically shipped after you make your selection if you want to start the subscription directly or from the desired delivery date. In the case of equipment for a newborn, we recommend choosing the delivery option one month before your baby's arrival.

There is no commitment period and your subscription is completely flexible. That allows you to withdraw from your subscription whenever you want.

Simply send an email to info@binky.be, and you will receive a follow-up email with instructions on how to return your equipment


At binky, we know that your children grow fast and their needs change too! Therefore, you can adapt your subscription whenever you want to meet your new needs without having to pay anything extra!


We are proud to provide our customers with superior quality childcare equipment. We understand how important it is for parents to have reliable, safe, and comfortable equipment for their children. Therefore, we ensure that all our items are maintained and checked before entering a new family to guarantee their quality.

To participate in a CIRCULAR ECONOMY

By choosing binky, you contribute to the circular economy by giving a second life to childcare items. We recover, clean, and repair all the items in our catalog to avoid waste and extend their lifespan.

Deliveries and returns

Upon receiving your order, expect to hear from us promptly. We will contact you to arrange the delivery of your equipment.

The delivery of your initial order is fully covered by Binky, as it typically represents the most significant order.

Exchanges at our warehouses in Brussels and Nivelles are free of charge. However, if you prefer home delivery, delivery fees will be calculated based on your location.

You will receive your delivery within 15 business days following the day of your order confirmation.

Once your baby grows, and you feel the need to exchange an item that you no longer need for an item you do need.

No, exchanges at our warehouses in Brussels and Nivelles are free of charge. However, if you wish to have items delivered to your home, delivery fees will be calculated based on your location.

You can subscribe to your immediate or scheduled subscription. In the case of an immediate subscription, your card will be debited the same day and the same business day of each coming month. In the case of a scheduled subscription, your card will be debited the same day for your first month of subscription and will be debited the same business day of each coming month as from the second month of receipt of your subscription equipment.

Delivery costs are covered. Returns are handled at our warehouses in Brussels and Nivelles. The subscription ends when the equipment has been returned.

You can change your delivery or billing address in the "my details" section of your profile. Be careful, your delivery address cannot be changed after you confirm your order, otherwise, your order will be delivered to the delivery address indicated at the time of your order confirmation.

You can have your order delivered anywhere in Belgium.

Payments and promotions

By introducing binky to your loved ones, you offer them a 10€ discount on their first month's subscription. In return, you receive a 10€ voucher.

You can refer as many friends as you want. You will be notified by email as soon as your friend places an order using your code generated in the "referrals" section.

The 10€ code is valid on a subscription of min. 74€.

You can find your invoice in the "My Invoices" section of your profile.


If one of the products in your order is defective, you have 24 hours after receiving your order to notify us by email at info@binky.be. After this period, any damage will be considered as your own responsibility.

The products returned after a subscription are sorted, washed, and reconditioned to be then sent to the next family who will take care of them and give them a new life.

You can keep your products as long as you wish.

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